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go site There might be a lot of people that aren’t too sad to see the 2015 golf season end.  Undoubtedly, 2015 will most likely be remembered for record setting rain that fell from March to the end of July.  I’ll be waiting most of the winter for a phone call from the Indiana Department on Environmental Management telling me that there is a problem with my “Significant Water Withdrawl Facility Report”.  “There is no problem, we really didn’t water until August,” I’ll answer.  Quite a change from just a couple years ago where we pumped a million gallons a week to barely keep up.

source Golfers had trouble getting any consistent play in and I’m sure many gave up.  Other players after a while just decided to wade through the water and keep playing.  These were the “mudders”.  There were some great performers that battled through the rain like mixed league Champions Brian & Joleen Gottwald, Tuesday Ladies Co-Champioins Pat Muncie & Deb Young /Lori Nagle & Brandie Batchelder, Wednesday Men’s Champions Marc Kanalos and Ty Sorg, Monday Men’s Champions Brian Gottwald and Dwayne Zimmerman, and Scramble Champions Pat Riley and Jimmy Joseph.  There was a solid core of members that battled all season in the member events including Paul Runnels, Joleen Gottwald, Clarence Tennis, Marc Kanalos, Bobby Green, Brian Gottwald, Mann Lee, Ken Faus, Jim Liechty, Jamie Martinez, Stefi Simmons, Dave Snellenberger, and Travis Whitman to name a few.  Who would have thought Ken Faus would repeat as Player of the Year to start the season?  He’s definitely a mudder!  Hey! I said “Mudder” not “Mother!”  Don’t get nasty cause you had a bad year!

comprare viagra generico 100 mg spedizione veloce a Bologna The off season is a time to relax and reflect on the golf season and how lucky we are to play the game, its also a time to set goals for the next season.  Sport teaches us many things and I always argue that the sport of Golf provides us with the most and best lessons to be learned, including the character trait of perseverance.  The only way to handle a bad season is to double down and work harder.

follow url The course itself came through the year rather well.  New gold tees on #12 and #5 were put into play, irrigation satelite controls were updated, the go zone on #2 was irrigated, new gold tee on #2 was prepared, drainage was updated, tree removal and trimming continued,  Colonial Oaks TV was launched with great success, and the Clarence Tennis memorial bridge was installed on #7.

watch As always we will celebrate the end of another sucessful season with our Members Only holiday party December 5th from 10:00 to 4:00 with merchandise & membership discounts, prizes, give aways, contests, food, and quality libations!  This party is for members only, so if you’re not a member, I encourage you to come out and join the club!  Buy a membership, then join the party.  Find out what it’s like to be a part of the club as opposed to just playing the course.  I guarantee you’ll meet some new friends, have more fun, and ultimately improve your game!  Should I not see you at the party, I’ll see you in the spring on the tee!  

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